Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Acrylic or Oil?

"NC Hay Field" oil on linen panel. I am struggling with what medium to paint in. On one hand acrylics are fast, easy and have no odor. But, oils just have a certain "look" that appeal to me.
As always, I welcome comments.


  1. Karen your paintings are great! I painted with you and Carole at "Color Cafe." I took Robin's class this past Monday and learned soooooo much. I have been painting with acrylics for a long time, going back to oils now and then - after my lessons with Robin maybe I can finally master oils - more time to work with. Gosh if I could just find that MAGIC brush she uses!!! Maybe we will run into each other again sometime.
    Happy Painting

  2. Karen,

    I love your hay bales!!!!! Absolutely gorgeous, I love it!!!! I think it is fine to paint in both oil and acrylic. I go back and forth too, as we talked about. You definitely have alot of talent. Keep painting girl!!!!

  3. I think this was my favorite on yours. I love the feel of the bales. I have been using a gloss heavy gel to mix with my acrylics. It seems to give me some of the things I love about oils (color and texture) combined with the speed. Keep going it's always fun to experience new stuff.